Tips for Finding Job Vacancies for Graduate Nurses

The time after graduation is probably one of the hardest times of your career. Most hospitals are willing to hire nurses with one or two years of commercial experience and sometimes it could be frustrating to send out many applications before you get a reply.

It could seem like there are no opportunities at times, but you should never give up in your hunger to get ahead in your career. If you think you’ve tried everything possible in your search or if you’re just starting out on your search for job vacancies, here are some tips to make sure you’re taking the right steps.


  1. Get a professional to write your application.
    Always get a professional to write your application. Most universities have career guidance units who will do this for free of charge, but get it done. Even if you need to spend some money to get it written, it will pay off in multiples during your career.
  2. Don’t send the same application for all vacancies
    Most nursing candidates send out the same job application for all positions. Instead take some time to research on the position. Find out through LinkedIn who will be reviewing the applications, and write a specific cover letter addressing the key requirements in your application. A specific cover letter and an application for a position show that you can pay attention to details.
  3. Take people out for coffee or casual chat
    Most students are not that comfortable doing this. But if you can invite some of the HR managers to get some advice, it will put you above other candidates. But never ask for a job during an informal meeting. Your purpose should be to genuinely get advice on how to be a better candidate.
  4. Go to industry events and Meetup Groups
    Student events are great to meet other students, but if you want to meet professionals, you should to go to paid industry events. A free alternative is Meetup groups. See relevant Meetup groups for healthcare professionals and aim to at least attend one a week.


You goal during your final year and after graduation is to build professional relationships. Remember, 80% of available jobs are never advertised and they’re filled through personal recommendations and relationships.